Our Process

"The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination." — Carl Rogers

Define our relationship: In a free initial consultation, we discuss the scope of our services. We educate our prospective client on factors that are central to the pursuit of various life goals. We mutually agree on the services that we will provide and the form of compensation we will employ.

Gather data: We gather information on the client's goals, needs, and priorities, as well as personal and financial information (including mutually agreed-upon personal and economic assumptions) and relevant documents.

Analyze and evaluateWe use the agreed-upon personal and economic assumptions to analyze the client’s information. We then evaluate the extent to which the client's goals and needs can be met with current and anticipated resources and their current course of action.

Develop and present recommendations: If appropriate, we develop alternative courses of action, designed to improve the likelihood of targeting of the client's goals and needs. Should the need arise, we consult with other professionals to develop alternatives. We present and recommend the appropriate alternatives to the client.

Implement recommendationsWe mutually agree upon the responsibility for implementing the recommendations.

Monitor recommendations: We maintain an ongoing relationship, through regularly scheduled follow-up appointments. We continue to gather data, to analyze and evaluate all data, to measure progress toward the mutually agreed-upon goals and needs, and to amend our course of action as necessary.